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Development and Manufacturing of Fire Alarm System Devices

Our company offers series of addressable devices to fire detection & alarm system design and installation organizations. Fire detection systems with our devices are intended for applications in big, medium-sized and small industrial, administrative and residential building as well as health care and communications facilities.

Addressable loop devices can be connected to various foreign-made fire alarm control panels that provide flexible settings and management.

Advantages of our addressable loop devices:

  • stable operation under harsh microclimatic conditions;
  • moisture-proof base for detectors available;
  • I/O devices with different sets of inputs and outputs;
  • multi-channel I/O devices for controlling and monitoring of smoke removal valves, smoke shutters, drencher valves, fire dampers, etc.

Fire alarm systems with addressable loop devices developed and manufactured by our company are installed and display stable performance in many industrial, commercial, educational and residential buildings in Ukraine.

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Analogue-Addressable Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Analogue-Addressable Fire Detection and Alarm Systems - ista.ua

Our company offers fire alarm systems for facilities of different types. They are designed on the basis of well-known FACP from leading fire alarm manufacturers and loop devices developed and manufactured by Ista-Arkhiv. Extensive control capabilities of modern control panels add expanded functionality and our detectors and loop devices provide high reliability and an optimal price of entire systems.

Our specialists have developed full lines of addressable fire alarm devices such as smoke and heat detectors, isolators, I/O modules. Series of addressable loop devices are represented on our website with their features, technical data and certificates of conformity.

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Advantages of Our Products

Ukrainian fire alarm manufacturer
High quality and reliability
Wide model range
Modern electronic components
Fast and accurate
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Reliable Fire Detection and Alarm Systems for Industrial, Commercial and Residential Safety

TOV Ista-Archive is a ukrainian manufacturer of fire alarm system devices. The enterprise has many years experience as a design institution and an installation organization, a systems integrator and an importer/distributor of leading European brands.

Fire alarm systems installed in many facilities in Ukraine use operation algorithms that are insufficiently flexible and are not able to cover variety of tasks. Realizing this problem, we developed a range of devices for analogue addressable fire alarm detection systems. They can work with fire alarm control panels of leading manufacturers that fully meet the requirements for modern fire automation systems, have well-developed logic and wide control capabilities.

Our company manufactures the full range of devices for analog-addressable loop alarm systems. The devices can detect the first signs of fire and also monitor and control other equipment involved in fire protection management, such as smoke exhaust system, fire extinguishing/suppression system, engineering systems, vertical and horizontal transport, etc. The combination of powerful fire control panels and our intelligent fire alarm loop devices deliver a flexible, easy to use fire alarm systems for all types of buildings.

All our devices are certified under EN 54 standard, the standards of NAEC “Energoatom” harmonized with IAEA regulations. Special tests confirmed that our products have high resistance to industrial electromagnetic interference. Also, detectors and other fire alarm loop devices manufactured by TOV Ista-Archive have increased radiation and seismic resistance, they are resistant to chemical decontamination solutions. These characteristics are very important for fire protection systems at nuclear power plants as well as for all other applications with difficult operating conditions.

Since 2016, fire alarm loop systems with the devices developed by our specialists have been installed at numerous sites (including those with hazardous areas) and they have been working without complaints from customers. The analogue-addressable fire alarm system with our loop devices is one of the most comprehensive fire alarm systems on the market today.

Discover our range of fire alarm devices. It includes:

  • smoke detectors, heat detectors,
  • addressable input/output modules,
  • short circuit isolators,
  • device address programmer,
  • ancillary and mounting equipment.

Together, we will find highly efficient, innovative solutions for your projects.