Fire Alarm Detectors of W Series

Point addressable smoke detector photoelectric type

WS 26 Point Addressable Smoke Detector

The WS 26 point addressable smoke detector is designed to give early warning of developing fires. The optical smoke detector responds to increase in smoke density from a smoldering fire and transmits...

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Addressable heat detector fixed-temperature type

WT 26 Point Addressable Heat Detector

The WT 26 point addressable heat detector is designed to detect rises in heat in premises as an early warning of developing fires. The WT 26 heat detector is fixed-temperature type, it...

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Standard Detector Mounting Base -

Detector Standard Mounting Base B

The Standard Mounting Base B is designed to enable easy installation of point smoke and heat detectors and their connection to fire alarm control panels. The detector head is fixed on the...

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B-IP Moisture-Proof Detector Mounting Base -

B-IP Moisture-Proof Detector Mounting Base

The B-IP moisture-proof detector mounting base has a molded plastic enclosure that enables the use of detectors in environments with high humidity and minimizes the effect of condensation on them. The B-IP...

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Addressable manual call point W Series

Addressable Manual Call Point for W Series

An addressable manual call point allows to manually trigger the fire alarm system from a certain location in case occupants notice a fire before the system is activated. The addressable manual call...

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