WS 26 Point Addressable Smoke Detector

Point addressable smoke detector photoelectric type

The WS 26 point addressable smoke detector is designed to give early warning of developing fires. The optical smoke detector responds to increase in smoke density from a smoldering fire and transmits an alarm signal to the FACP.

The WS 26 optical smoke detector has three sensitivity levels calibrated by the degree of light attenuation in smoke. The sensitivity level can be set by means of the P-01 device programmer. When the light attenuation reaches 2/3 of the pre-set threshold the smoke detector transmits a pre-alarm signal to the fire alarm control panel, when the pre-set threshold is exceeded the detector transmits an alarm signal.

The WS 26 smoke detector is available with a standard mounting base or B-IP moisture-proof base (should be ordered separately).


  • WS 260 - without short-circuit isolator,
  • WS 261 - with built-in short-circuit isolator.
  • Features
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  • Certificate (CoC)
    • low profile design
    • programmable sensitivity (three levels)
    • built-in drift compensation
    • electronically addressed, address range 1 – 125
    • loop powered
    • LED status indicator
    • short-circuit isolator LED indicator
    • remote LED option
    • protection against unauthorized removal
    • stable operation in unfavorable microclimatic conditions
  • Supply voltage17… 28 V DC
    Quiescent current (non-isolated detector)≤ 0,33 mA
    Quiescent current (isolated detector)≤ 0,38 mA
    Alarm current1,8 … 2,3 mA
    Alarm current, remote LED illuminated3,8 … 4,8 mA
    Max. series resistance, switch closed≤ 0,2 Ω
    Sensitivity (can be changed by means of device programmer)0,18 dB/m, 0,12 dB/m, 0,09 dB/m
    Dimensions (diameter x height), mm96 х 31
    Weight (with a standard base)≤ 125 g
    IP RatingIP40
    Mean time to failurenot less than 60000 hours
    Average service life10 years
    Operating temperature-10 ºС to +55 ºС
    Humidity0% to 95% RH (no condensation or icing)
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  • Сертифікат відповідності на сповіщувачі димові WS 260, WS 261